Cocina Tradicional de El Salvador

These are the foods you should try to visit El Salvador:


When it comes to food Salvadoran pupusas take the place of honor. These corn tortillas stuffed with various ingredients are the most faithful representatives of the cuisine of this country.

The ingredients vary according to pupusa being prepared. There are two types of dough, corn and rice. The filling can be cheese, beans, pork, riots (cheese, beans and pork rinds), loroco, chipilín, spinach, squash, chicken, beef, mushrooms and / or fish.

Pupusas can be accompanied by various ingredients:As Tomato Sauce: chopped tomatoes with salt and flavorings to taste.

Tanning: Tanning pickled cabbage with carrot, onion and green chile Chile to taste the amount of sauce is seasoned to the taste of each guest.


The Shuco is a hot drink of choice is taken at the end of the day, although it can be enjoyed in the early hours of the morning.

This drink can be found near the popular cinemas, bus terminals, parks and some street corners, close to markets, and in some places people.

Served in crates nose that is added alguashte powder, beans, chile and served with bread. These ingredients enrich the atoll. Between sips, customers exchanged talks on labor issues, sports, domestic, in order ... is a moment of conviviality.
Sopa de patas

This famous soup is very commonly found in markets and some small restaurants, where they commonly come with family or friends to share.

There are also places, especially in some villages, where they prepare for the weekend.

Before it was quite common for families to reach the restaurants after church, and enjoy a soup of legs on Sundays, while others arrived with containers to take home and enjoy in the comfort of home.

The soup is made with feet feet and tripe, garlic, green bananas, onions, cilantro, relaxation, tomatoes, chile plum, beef broth, salt and water, also carrying vegetables like corn, cassava and cabbage guisquil.

Gallo en chicha

Famous and much enjoyed in the villages of our country, with a sweet taste combined with its thickness and consistency, with a slight touch of salt, a scent that mixes a stew of many species, and soft and juicy texture, give the Chicha Gallo in a high position within the most representative food Cuscatleca land, especially for this holiday of the new year.

Mapa turistico de El Salvador

Mapa turistico de El Salvador